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Chris J. Bai, Ph.D
President and CEO
President and CEO, globally responsible for the company including USA and China operations. Prior to AmbioPharm, Dr. Bai was president and CEO of American Peptide Company building the cGMP manufacturing business for American Peptide Company during his 5 years’ tenure. Prior to American Peptide Company, He was Senior Research and Development Scientist in the Peptide Section at Abbott Laboratories (N. Chicago, IL) where he was responsible for peptide process development, scale up and cGMP manufacturing.   He was involved in numerous peptide process development projects and cGMP manufacturing of peptides over a six-year period at Abbott, including the process development and manufacturing of a 22-amino acid peptide on a 40 kg scale by solution phase chemistry.
Jim Hampton, B.S., MS
Jim Hampton, B.S., MS
Executive Vice President of Business Development and cGMP Sales

Executive Vice President of Business Development and cGMP Sales.   He is responsible for contract manufacturing of synthetic peptides and small molecules to be manufactured under cGMP as generic peptide APIs and API’s for human clinical trials.  Since 1995, he has developed and maintained worldwide business relationships with scientists in academia, government and private industry.   He has managed over 300 projects involving cGMP grade peptides in scales from grams to kilograms at manufacturing facilities at Peninsula Laboratories, Bachem, American Peptide Company and AmbioPharm.

Ruoping Zhang, B.S.
Vice President of Process Development and Manufacturing

Vice President of Process Development and Manufacturing. She is responsible for directing process development, process validation, and cGMP manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade products including peptides at both North Augusta and Shanghai facilities. She has more than 12 years’ cGMP manufacturing experience and supervised the cGMP Manufacturing of over 200 peptide API’s in scales from grams to kilograms.  Prior to AmbioPharm, she was Head of Process and cGMP manufacturing at American Peptide Company.

Robert Geiger, Ph.D, MBA
Vice President of Quality

Vice President of Quality, is responsible for quality assurance and control both in the Company’s China and United States facilities. He has many years’ experience in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, cGMP manufacturing facility qualification and process validation.  Prior to AmbioPharm, Dr. Geiger was employed by American Peptide Company and UCB Bioproducts in the area of Business Development and Quality Control.

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