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AmbioPharm, Inc. (APi) has developed a new business model responsive to an accelerating trend in our industry to drive down costs of manufacturing peptides. We are looking forward to becoming your manufacturing partner for your peptide projects from preclinical and clinical to commercial. Please allow us to introduce APi’s capabilities.

We have established a new custom peptide supply service designed to manufacture peptides rapidly and at the lowest possible cost for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. At your request, we will provide research-grade peptides for your pre-clinical in-vitro, medicinal and toxicology programs. This service will provide you with milligrams to multi-grams of research-grade peptides fully-qualified and released by our in-house Quality Control Department. We can perform solid-phase, solution-phase or hybrid peptide chemistry plus organic conjugations to proteins, toxoids, antifungals, KLH, and PEG .

When your peptide is ready for clinical studies, we will apply over 100 years of cumulative experience in manufacturing to your Pharmaceutical-grade peptide projects. Our manufacturing facilities have eight process development suites operating in parallel with multiple reactor vessels up to 1,000L (100kg crude peptide/batch) for solid-phase synthesis and solution reactors up to 5,000L (200kg crude peptide/batch). We maintain scalable HPLC purification systems up to 60cm (28kg pure peptide/batch) and multiple lyophilization systems up to 400L (30kg pure peptide/batch).

Our three cGMP peptide manufacturing facilities in the US and China are capable of handling any manufacturing scale required.  We currently operate multiple manufacturing lines capable of sustaining campaigns from grams to 400 kg/year.  For commercial products, we design dedicated facilities at even larger scales to meet current and future needs of our clients.

In addition to contract peptide API manufacturing, we partner with generic drug companies to develop generic peptide drugs for established commercial markets worldwide.

For more information, please refer to our company presentation: APi Presentation 2017 (PowerPoint)


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