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Amytrx Therapeutics Partners With AmbioPharm to Expand the Potential of Its Breakthrough Leukocyte-Targeting Anti-Inflammatory Human Peptides

  • Amytrx expanding their bioactive peptide platform
  • AMTX-100 has unique specificity to target leukocytes involved in the overactive immune response
  • AmbioPharm providing peptide manufacturing support for Amytrx
  • Amytrx looking to expand partnerships to advance new or complementary therapies

Press Release

July 26, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NASHVILLE, Tenn. & NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.Amytrx Therapeutics, a mission-driven biopharmaceutical company dedicated to commercializing transformative and cutting-edge human anti-inflammatory peptides, has expanded their bioactive peptide platform beyond the original lead therapeutic molecule to include a multi-purpose drug delivery vehicle and imaging agent. In its recently completed Phase I/IIa clinical trial as part of an FDA-approved adaptive Phase I/II clinical protocol, AMTX-100 has shown great potential in rapidly improving outcomes for patients with the inflammatory skin disorder, atopic dermatitis (AD). A Phase IIb in adult subjects with mild to moderate AD is planned to start in 3Q 2022. Preclinical studies conducted for AMTX-100 to date allow for additional skin indications to start as Phase II trials. Amytrx is targeting additional studies in adolescent mild to moderate AD, psoriasis, lupus, rosacea, acne, shingles, herpes, and re-epithelialization/healing after chemical peels. Further, with its recent pre-clinical and clinical progress, Amytrx has identified new opportunities for other inflammatory and metabolic diseases with attractive out-licensing and collaborative opportunities using its proprietary AMTX-100 human peptide platform.

The advantages which AMTX-100 provides are twofold. The first is its unique specificity to target leukocytes involved in the overactive immune response and the second is its ability to cross cell membranes and enter the nucleus through natural mechanisms already utilized by cells. As such, the resulting peptide platform shows great promise in a wide range of therapeutic and delivery applications in inflammation, autoimmunity, and cancer. This comes on the heels of Amytrx Therapeutics’ most recent fundraising for the last tranche of its Series A round totaling $18 million to address novel human peptide interventions for AD and other skin disorders.

The exciting potential of AMTX-100 in human peptide therapeutics has been made possible in part due to Amytrx Therapeutics and AmbioPharm’s collaboration. “AmbioPharm has been an excellent collaborator providing high-quality peptides to advance our R&D research and clinical development,” says Matthew A. Gonda, Ph.D. President and CEO of Amytrx. “Their technical advice and commitment to supporting manufacturing excellence has been crucial to developing economical, large-scale processes of difficult to manufacture peptides.”

AmbioPharm Inc., a CDMO providing cGMP peptide APIs, actively engages with innovative biopharmaceutical companies in developing first-in-class, best-in-class and/or breakthrough peptide technologies that utilize their manufacturing expertise and in-depth scientific resources in novel and conventional peptide chemistry.

Currently, Amytrx Therapeutics is looking to connect with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, university researchers, and foundations to partner its AMTX-100 compounds to advance new or complementary therapies for chronic diseases where excessive inflammation or metabolic imbalances play key causative roles.

About Amytrx Therapeutics

Amytrx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering the first anti-inflammatory human peptide platform (AMTX-100) yielding the potential for vastly optimized, cutting-edge therapies that safely alter the course of chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer, and metabolic dysfunction to prevent and treat some of the world’s most debilitating diseases. For further information please visit

About AmbioPharm

AmbioPharm, a part of the Ambio Pharmaceuticals Group, is a leading and innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and peptide-related products. With a comprehensive range of services, AmbioPharm produces custom products for research, clinical development, and commercial application to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Further information is available at


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