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AmbioPharm has multiple manufacturing suites to produce peptide APIs at gram to multi-kilogram scale by solid phase synthesis, solution phase synthesis, and hybrid solid/solution phase synthesis.  AmbioPharm has dedicated manufacturing lines for peptide APIs at 5 – 10kg kilogram scale scheduled for re-validation and commercial manufacturing at 150-200 kg/year scale (25-50kg batches)

cGMP Peptide Manufacturing USA

  Purification scale from grams to 30kg per batch
  Preparative HPLC columns up to 60cm
  Lyophilization capacity up to 400L

cGMP Peptide Manufacturing China

  Reactors from 500L to 5,000L
  Vacuum ovens from 500L to 1,000L
  Thin film evaporators
  500L reactor for hydrogenation
  Up to metric tons of APIs and intermediate

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