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AmbioPharm provides process development, non-GMP/GLP grade peptides, and related analytical services to a much broader range of customers. We welcome all business from universities, research organizations, biotech companies, big pharma, and everyone with an interest in peptides. AmbioPharm employs some of the industry’s finest chemists capable of applying their expertise in the fields of peptide synthesis, purification, analytical characterization, process development, optimization, and scale-up. Our chemists are experienced in all types of conjugations including PEG, KLH, toxoids, lipids, antifungals, and proteins

AmbioPharm customers choose us for three reasons:

  Cost: AmbioPharm’s unique business model provides us with the ability to produce quality products at a price lower than most competitors.

  Speed: AmbioPharm can deliver custom peptides released by our in house Quality Control Unit in as little as 3-4 weeks.

  Scalability: AmbioPharm is capable of efficiently manufacturing peptides of any batch size, from milligrams to multi-kilograms

We realize that your research and discovery needs may call for only very small quantities of peptides, but we assure you that your research project is just as important as our large scale clinical projects. It is our goal to have your peptide progress through all the stages of development that YOU require

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