AmbioPharm Management Team

The management team as AmbioPharm, Inc. has more than one hundred fifty years of cumulative experience in manufacturing Pharmaceutical-grade peptide projects.

Chris J. Bai, Ph.D.

President & Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO, Dr. Bai oversees AmbioPharm, Inc. and its USA and China operations. Before joining AmbioPharm, he was the President and CEO of American Peptide Company where built the cGMP Manufacturing business during his tenure.

He also worked as Senior Research and Development Scientist in the Peptide section of Abbott Laboratories in North Chicago, IL. He was responsible for peptide process development, scale up, and cGMP manufacturing standards. He was involved in numerous peptide process development during his tenure, including the process development and manufacture of a 22-amino acid peptide on a 40kg scale by solution phase chemistry.

Steve Kiel, MBA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kiel is the Chief Financial Officer of Ambio Holdings, the parent company of AmbioPharm and Ambio. He has served as CFO for five companies in his career and as Chief Executive Officer for two companies. He has provided consulting and expertise to more than 150 businesses in his career. He was previously a Partner at Deloitte Consulting, one of the nation’s Big Four accounting firms. He holds an MBA from The Ohio State University and was awarded a CPA and Series 7 license.

Mr. Kiel is responsible for the financial health of the organization, including financial reporting, cash management, banking and investor relations, and as a government liaison.

Tim Nieters, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Mr. Nieters is responsible for managing operations for AmbioPharm in the USA and China. He has more than two decades of experience in the development, manufacturing, and business management of both clinical development and commercialization of peptide-based therapeutics. He has been involved in the successful commercialization of multiple peptide products from gram scale to kilogram scale.

Prior to AmbioPharm, he was at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. In addition to the Peptide division, he also managed other small molecule commercial generic products and excipients. Mr. Nieters has an MBA from Maryville University.

Jim Hampton, BS

Executive Vice President of Business Development and cGMP Sales

As Executive Vice President and co-founder, Mr. Hampton oversees the contract manufacturing of synthetic peptides under cGMP for human clinical trials. He has managed over 500 projects involving cGMP grade peptides in scales from grams to hundreds of kilograms.

Prior to Ambiopharm, he developed and maintained worldwide business relationships with scientists in academia, government, and private industry as Vice President of GMP Sales for Peninsula Laboratories, Bachem Americas and American Peptide Company.

Robert Geiger, Ph.D., MBA

Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Robert Geiger, Ph.D. Senior Vice President of Business Development and co-founder, is responsible for the business development of the company’s generic API business unit. Dr. Geiger has 20+ years of experience in Business Development, Generic API development, and Quality Systems management. He currently serves on the DCAT advisory board and the International GMP Conference (Athens, GA) board. Prior to AmbioPharm, Dr. Geiger was employed by American Peptide Company and UCB Bioproducts in the area of Business Development and Quality Control.

Mike Pennington, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Pennington serves as AmbioPharm’s Chief Scientific Officer. He is responsible for technical advice for the contract manufacturing of synthetic peptides, pegylated peptides and peptide protein conjugates to be manufactured as either non-GMP or cGMP including generic peptide APIs and APIs for human clinical trials.

His career has centered around the research and development of peptides. He has participated in numerous programs that have evolved into core requirements of cGMP grade peptides at scales from grams to kilograms. Dr. Pennington was part of the management team with a 20+ year career at Bachem Bioscience followed by more than 7 years as President & CEO at Peptides International.

He has a publication record of more than 120 peer-reviewed papers on the synthesis and development of complex peptides for the treatment of human disease.

Simrat Singh, Ph.D.

President, Ambio, Inc.

As President of Ambio, Inc. Dr. Singh is responsible for the company’s global operations in North America, Europe, Japan, and China. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in Analytical R&D, Formulation, Drug Product Development, Regulatory, and Quality Control. He has been a key player in taking multiple complex generic projects from R&D to commercial stage.

He also plays a key role in strategic partnerships with various large generic pharmaceutical companies and CDO/CMO/CRO’s globally.

Guoqing Zhang, BS, MS

Vice President of Manufacturing and Process Development

As Vice President of Manufacturing and Process Development, Mr. Zhang is responsible for manufacturing and process development in AmbioPharm’s China facilities. He has more than 15 years’ experience in peptide process development, cGMP manufacturing, and process validation.

Brant Zell, MS, MBA

Senior Vice President of Quality

Brant Zell has over 35 years of Quality experience with over 8 years of Peptide experience; he has been a member of ICH working groups and USP groups, and a leader in industry groups (such as APIC and SOCMA BPTF). He has dedicated his career in ensuring patient safety and health through setting and demanding appropriate current good manufacturing practices. Brant has Masters’ degrees in Analytical Chemistry, Masters in Business Administration, and Technology Management.

Mukesh Patel

Sr. Director of Manufacturing

As Sr. Director of Manufacturing, Mukesh is responsible for the day to day operations and long-term outlook of manufacturing at Ambiopharm, North Augusta. He has worked as a Senior Director, Production for 19+ years at Bachem, Torrance California followed by 9+ years as Senior Management in Manufacturing at Polypeptide Group at Torrance, California. He has managed API projects from Development to Commercial scale through project life-cycle, including various regulatory approval (i.e. FDA, PMDA, EMA), successfully bringing APIs to commercial (Multi-Kilo) scale. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from SP University, India.