Manufacturing Facilities

With peptide manufacturing and purification facilities in North Augusta, South Carolina and Shanghai, China, AmbioPharm has more than 600 chemists and professionals on staff.  As a GMP peptide CDMO focused on superior quality, both facilities are regularly audited and inspected by the FDA. 

Superior chemistry and facilities enable us to provide best-in-class quality with very reasonable costs of production.

North Augusta, South Carolina (USA Headquarters)

More than 200 employees staff the USA-based facility where our latest expansion project has recently been completed.  The facility now totals approximately 82,566 square feet of manufacturing space to meet our growing capacity requirements.  The new buildings include suites to increase our capacity for purification, lyophilization, and Quality Control in the U.S. Microwave peptide SPPS capability has been added to this site.

Take a virtual tour of our new building.

Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, China, we have > 375 employees and our peptide chemists are doing a lot of the synthetic chemistry that’s driving our peptide manufacturing business. Our newest commercial building has six additional large-scale manufacturing lines. This brings our campus total to approximately 380,550 square feet (35,354 m2).
Read about our expansions here.

The Largest Capacity Peptide Manufacturer

With expansion facilities in place, we will likely have one of the largest research and cGMP peptide manufacturing capacities worldwide.  We can adapt our quality systems to interface with any size company or lab, including the largest commercial projects. 

AmbioPharm can take partners from the inception and discovery phase of a project, including the R&D phase, all the way to commercial manufacturing with an emphasis on optimized process development.  We utilize solid-phase, solution-phase (or liquid-phase), and/or hybrid peptide chemistry to produce the appropriate scale required by our clients during their project lifecycle.

Peptide Manufacturing Has Evolved

For many years, development of peptide drugs by the pharmaceutical industry was shunned. Small molecule drugs were always more desirable than peptides. However, small molecule drugs rarely have the exquisite selectivity and quick onset of action that peptides have. Additionally, peptides are often cleared very quickly in vivo since their potency and quick onset require only very short half-lives.

Roche’s FuzeonTM (enfurvirtide) changed the scope of peptide development. The supply chain required to manufacture the metric ton quantities for this peptide API revolutionized peptide manufacturing.

Improvements in lowering the costs of the key Fmoc amino acids and other raw materials stimulated peptide development projects in numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Additionally, improvements in production methods and delivery systems have resulted in a greatly enhanced portfolio of peptides which have either been approved as drugs or are currently under clinical evaluation.

AmbioPharm is growing along with the demand. As one of the world’s largest peptide capacity manufacturers, we are uniquely positioned to work with you.


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