GMP Manufacturing

The professionals at AmbioPharm have more than 150 years of cumulative experience in process development, scale up, and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice standards as defined by the FDA).  We can manufacture using solution phase , solid phase or hybrid processes.

Our teams have developed, scaled up, and manufactured up to 300kg of peptide APIs by the solid phase process and up to 50kg of peptide APIs by solution phase processes.  We also develop and manufacture peptide conjugations to proteins (such as KLH (Key Hole Limpet Hemocyanin)), toxoids, antifungals, and PEG (Polyethyleneglycol) under cGMP.

The AmbioPharm Advantage

AmbioPharm can manufacture the highest quality product with some of the lowest costs in the industry.  We have established relationships with all of the major raw material manufacturing companies for amino acid derivatives, resins and solvents and are able to pass these savings onto to our clients. 

Because of the large amounts of raw materials that we purchase, we are able to keep costs lower than many of our competitors.  In addition, we have solvent recovery systems to further reduce manufacturing costs up to 50% on large scale.

With fully-controlled cGMP systems, rigorous systems, and experienced management, we can provide the most reasonable cost of manufacturing with either solution phase or solid phase synthesis to our partners.

Solution Phase Process VS Solid Phase Process


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