The AmbioPharm API Model

AmbioPharm has developed a unique business model designed to handle expedited peptide manufacturing at a lower cost than most major competitors.

AmbioPharm USA Facility

Expanding Capacity locally in the USA and China

With one of the largest peptide manufacturing capacities in the world, AmbioPharm is currently expanding both in the USA and China. With the new construction, we are more than tripling our peptide synthesis capacity.

The largest peptide capacity manufacturer worldwide

In our FDA-inspected facilities, we employ more than 500 chemists and industry professionals at our two locations.  Superior chemistry and facilities enable us to provide best-in-class quality with efficient and timely production.

AmbioPharm peptide manufacturing lab

Built for large and small projects

We can produce projects of any scale.  AmbioPharm has multiple manufacturing suites capable of producing peptide APIs at varying scales from gram to multi-kilogram scale.  Recently, we have added a small-scale CEM Liberty Blue Microwave synthesizer to aid with small-scale non-GMP peptide projects. This helps speed delivery of these early stage projects to our partners to facilitate their discovery efforts.

Take your project from R&D to Commercial

AmbioPharm has handled products in every phase of development from pre-clinical to R&D to commercialization, including analytical method and validation protocol services.


Products & Services

The professionals at AmbioPharm have more than 150 years of cumulative experience in process development, scale up, and GMP servic