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CombiGene selects AmbioPharm as peptide CDMO partner for their COZY01 pain project

September 15, 2023

We are pleased that CombiGene has chosen AmbioPharm as their peptide CDMO partner for CombiGene’s and Zyneyro’s peptide-based pain project COZY01.  

“The choice of AmbioPharm is an important milestone in the COZY01 project. AmbioPharm can produce the COZY01 peptide in accordance with all regulatory requirements (GMP), which paves the way for both future toxicology studies and future studies in humans. AmbioPharm can also produce a commercial product and will thus be a long-term partner in the COZY01 project.”

Read the full press release here on the Combigene website:

CombiGene chooses CDMO partner for the COZY01 pain project