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AmbioPharm is a full-service peptide manufacturing company headquartered in North Augusta, South Carolina.  Including our USA headquarters, we have FDA-inspected manufacturing facilities both in the USA and Shanghai, China, and a European Sales Office in Zurich, Switzerland. 

We develop and offer leading, highly-efficient processes for manufacturing peptides from small to very large scales.

We provide products and services to Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Laboratories and more.

AmbioPharm peptide scientist

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies

We manufacture GMP peptide APIs for some of the world’s largest biotech and pharmaceutical companies, but we can also handle small batch projects. 

AmbioPharm has multiple manufacturing suites capable of producing peptide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) at varying scales, from gram to multi-kilogram.  We use solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), solution phase synthesis (or liquid phase peptide synthesis), and hybrid solid/solution phase synthesis to produce peptide APIs.

All of our processes comply with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations as required by the FDA. 

Besides contract peptide API manufacturing, we also partner with generic drug companies to develop generic peptide drugs for established commercial markets throughout the world.

Clinical Research Labs

We produce cGMP-grade peptides used in clinical and diagnostic applications. These include reference peptide standards for their internal controls and measurements. In addition, we also provide process development and optimization services and analytical services too for non-GMP and cGMP peptides.  

These services are available for a broad range of customers, including Universities, Research Organizations, Biotech Companies, Small and Large Pharma, and others.

AmbioPharm Customers

Additional Customers

We also manufacture research and cGMP peptides in small and large scales for customers including those working on peptides for cosmetic, veterinary, nutraceutical, agricultural research, for innovative technical applications and beyond.


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