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Goodbye 2020: A Peptide Drug Recap and New Webcasts

First published: January 4, 2021

Happy New Year!  With the COVID19 vaccine rollout expanding across the globe, may this new year bring you good health and a return to a semblance of normalcy.  While a lot of the focus of 2020 was on COVID19, other research and activities were still occurring. The FDA approved 53 novel drugs in 2020, including the peptide, setmelanotide, for the treatment of obesity. And, in the EU, bulevirtide received approval for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

AmbioPharm was busy expanding production capacity and continuing to safely manufacture essential peptides for customers around the world.  We continue to expand our sales activities in Europe with a new branch in Switzerland – more to come. Conferences became virtual and we are pleased to introduce the addition of a few new conference webcasts on our website.

As an industry leader in disulfide-rich peptides, including ion-channel-blocking venoms and toxins, we present 2 new webcasts:

Modulation of Lymphocyte Potassium Channel K1.3 by Membrane-Penetrating, Joint-Targeting Immunomodulatory Plant Defensin.

Disulfide-Rich Peptide Production at AmbioPharm, Inc.

And lastly, a presentation on our range of capabilities:

Peptide API’s from g to 1000kg: cGMP and nonGMP – A presentation from EuroTIDES 2020

Head over to our page to view our full collection.