Progress Update on AmbioPharm US-Based Microwave Peptide Synthesis Capabilities

Newly installed Liberty Blue™ Microwave Peptide Synthesizer in North Augusta, SC – July 2022

August 3, 2002

We are hard at work adding to our US-based peptide production capabilities. Alongside our newly installed Liberty Pro™ for large-scale microwave peptide synthesis (read the press release here), AmbioPharm has recently installed another CEM Liberty Blue™ in our Research and Development labs in North Augusta, SC, adding small-scale synthesis capability.   Having Liberty machines in our Shanghai facility also allows for easy tech transfer between our locations.  In addition, our CEM partnership gives us access to their development team for designing optimal peptide synthesis strategy and conditions.

Microwave peptide synthesis is a cutting edge peptide synthesis technology with multiple advantages:

  • Extremely rapid process optimization times
  • Production efficiencies from a higher synthesis quality
  • Sustainable and green (use less solvents and reagents, greener solvents available, shortened reaction times)

Microwave Equipment Capacities per batch

Liberty Blue™Liberty Pro™
0.005 mmol -> 5 mmol25 mmol -> 500 mmol

Contact our sales team to learn more about our capabilities in microwave, solid-phase, and liquid phase peptide synthesis.

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