AmbioPharm announces new Chief Scientific Officer

Press Release: AmbioPharm Inc. Promotes New CSO

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AmbioPharm Inc. Promotes Michael W. Pennington, Ph.D. to Chief Scientific Officer

North Augusta, South Carolina – October 4, 2018 – AmbioPharm Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has promoted Michael W. Pennington, Ph.D. to Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Pennington had been serving various executive management roles with AmbioPharm Inc. since joining the company in Feb. 2018. Dr. Pennington comes with vast experience in peptide chemistry and especially with the synthesis of complex peptides containing multiple disulfide bonds. Dr. Pennington received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During his studies, Dr. Pennington worked in the esteemed laboratory of Dr. Richard G. Hiskey, one of the pioneers of Cysteine protecting groups used in peptide synthesis. Dr. Pennington received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Florida at Gainesville working in the lab of Dr. Ben M. Dunn working on the total synthesis of sea anemone neurotoxin peptides. Following a 21-year career with Bachem, ultimately reaching the position of C.O.O., Dr. Pennington joined Peptides International as CEO from 2010 – 2018. Dr. Pennington has been a principal investigator on numerous NIH-funded grants. As a result of this work, he has an extensive publication record with more than 120 peer-reviewed papers as well as an editor of two peptide protocol books.

“We are delighted with the addition of Dr. Michael Pennington to our executive management team fulfilling the role of Chief Scientific Officer. As AmbioPharm Inc. continues to grow and expand its manufacturing operations, it is imperative that we continue to grow our executive team with seasoned and highly respected members from the peptide community,” said Dr. Chris Bai, President and CEO.

AmbioPharm, Inc. (APi) is a full-service peptide manufacturing company headquartered at our North Augusta, South Carolina, USA cGMP production site.  Our second cGMP facility in Shanghai, China, performs process development and optimization, and manufactures building blocks, raw materials, and custom peptides at very large scale.  Both our cGMP facilities are capable of handling any manufacturing scale required to produce bulk peptides to custom specifications using a wide range of skill sets in both solid and solution-phase chemistry.  Our management team has over 120 years cumulative experience running pilot to commercial scale production.  We also perform organic conjugations to small molecules, proteins, toxoids, antifungals, KLH, and PEG.

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