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Peptide APIs Using A Microwave Approach

Peptide therapeutics have emerged as an increasingly important area of research as they offer high selectivity, efficacy, and specificity compared to traditional small molecule drugs. Currently, there are > 60 peptide approved drugs on the market along with > 400 peptides drugs in various stages of clinical development.

CEM & AmbioPharm’s partnership allows for an ideal production of peptide-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Using CEM’s unique microwave peptide synthesis technology, production processes for peptide new chemical entities (NCEs) can rapidly be developed. Additionally, cost effective production processes can be developed for generic peptides as well. AmbioPharm’s U.S. based manufacturing site has completed US FDA Inspections and can support production of the simplest to most complex peptide NCEs. AmbioPharm also performs other synthesis strategies including traditional SPPS, liquid or solution-phase synthesis, and hybrid strategies, in a wide range of scales.

CEM Microwave Synthesis Liberty Pro reaction vessel
GMP Peptide Scientists

Rapid Development of Production Process for Peptide New Chemical Entities

CEM’s Microwave SPPS Technology makes synthesis of peptides much easier and faster. Rapid optimization of the manufacturing process takes place at small scale and is easily transferred to Production Scale. The unique process generally leads to higher purities with more efficient use and selection of reagents. Additionally, higher purities result in an easier purification process.

A Microwave Assisted cGMP-Ready Process for Eptifibatide

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Improve Existing Production Processes for Generic Peptides

An improved production process for Generic Peptides reduces the cost of drug production which is clearly beneficial. CEM’s Microwave SPPS Technology makes synthesis of peptides much easier and faster. Additionally, AmbioPharm’s access to raw materials and solvent recovery systems further reduces manufacturing costs. The result is the an ideal combination of technologies for optimizing production processes for generic peptides.

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