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What causes delays in peptide delivery?

Peptide production is unpredictable because every peptide sequence is unique. Each has specific characteristics depending upon the residues present and the difficulties which they may present. Unfortunately, this can result in delays in delivery as we must fine-tune a successful process and to prevent or circumvent these problems, in order to deliver a peptide with the quality that you expect. The scientists at AmbioPharm have experience in many types of peptides and many different peptide synthesis strategies, but sometimes a particular sequence can still require fine-tuning and additional process development. Sharing your prior experience with a specific peptide in advance can help us avoid synthesis difficulties or delays. In addition, unforeseen supply chain delays can affect delivery times. We try to procure reagents to avoid these types of delays.

We provide weekly updates to all of our partners to keep them informed of our progress and any unanticipated delays which we may encounter.

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